Born with the genetic code map of future ready enterprise, Versatile bonds Pvt. Ltd is a company having adhesives / chemicals as its key area of interest. In a rapidly changing world of today Versatile bonds Pvt. Ltd. firmly believes in remaining ahead of the learning curve by continuously evolving, adapting and transforming. We aim to converge our strengths to serve the demands in bigger, better and faster way.

Over the years we have established ourselves as one of the most dependable business partner through our policies, practices and performance. Versatile Bonds Pvt. Ltd. has been achieving various milestones in terms of quality commitments and technical support to the customers, and has been a benchmark in the industry.

With a vision to supply the best of the global products, we import various products/raw materials from all over the world to support our customers.

Since we care our planet earth we have always worked to provide eco-friendly solutions by providing water based and eco-friendly products.

We are geared up to go that extra mile, shift some paradigms, break some barriers and do everything that reflects our principle of “Let’s go-Let’s grow”.